Law 23 October 2003, 286 down rules for the regulation of Committees of Italians abroad.

The first articles of this law, strongly supported by the Minister for Italians Abroad, Mirko Tremaglia, are summarized below.

Art. 1. (Establishment of Committees of Italians abroad)

1. In any consular district where at least three thousand Italian citizens registered in the updated list referred to in Article (…) shall be established by decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in consultation with the Minister for Italians in the world, a Committee of Italians Abroad (COMITES).

2. The Committee is a body representing Italians abroad in their relations with the diplomatic-consular representations.

Art. 2. (Duties and functions of the Committee)

1. Each Committee, including through studies and research, helping to identify the needs of social development, cultural and civic life of their community of reference and may present suggestions to diplomatic or consular representation useful in defining the programmatic interventions in the country in which it operates . To this end each Committee promotes, in cooperation with the consular authorities, with the regions and with local authorities, as well as organizations, associations and committees operating within the consular district, appropriate action on matters pertaining to the social and cultural life, with particular emphasis on youth participation, equal opportunities, social care and education, vocational training, the recreational sector, sport and leisure of the Italian community in the district. Each Committee work for the realization of such initiatives.

The full text of the law is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.